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    Stanley Retractable Tape Measure with Belt Clip 3 Metre 0-30-686

    Product Code: SB30486
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    • You can lock the tape to keep measurements
    • Tru-zero end hook moves to compensate for internal/external measurements
    • Stanley 3m/10ft tape measure for taking precise and easy measurements
    • Belt clip makes transportation easy
    • Tape retracts into the casing for convenience
    • Non-slip grip makes for comfortable use

Product Details

General Information

Country of Origin Thailand
Form Pocket Measuring Tape
Manufacturer Stanley

Product Information

Brand Stanley
Type Hand Tools


For the precise and easy measurement up to 3 metres or 10 feet, the Stanley Retractable Tape Measure is the perfect solution for you. Unfurling from a plastic case, this tape measure is easy to use and will not tangle like fabric measures can. The tape can be locked for easy measurement. The belt clip is designed for simple and handy transportation.

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